The Last Fisherman is a sci-fi short I shot on the ocean in Vietnam. It's scheduled to release later this year but peep the trailer.


Tangents combine personal memoirs with philosophical contemplations to create collages of animation, live-action and found footage. Each episode is a cyclical journey that moves through disparate spaces and characters, from the crowded streets of Vietnam to the rainy beaches of Rhode Island. At its heart, Tangents is a stream-of-conscious exploration of what it means to be human in the modern world. 

TANGENTS E01 - Showers & Time & Graveyards & Infinity

TANGENTS E02 - Crossing the Street & Saigon & Loneliness & New York

TANGENTS E03 - Video Games & Addiction & Flight & Mushrooms

STOP MOTION - Compilation 1

Here's a collection of shorts, skits, and sketches I've been making for the past year or so.  I'm going to put together another compilation series in 2018 called MODERN DATING. 

ROCKAWAY 113 - "Sal"

After Hurricane Sandy hit I found myself spending a lot of time in Far Rockaway helping out my friends and their community.  This evolved into a short series of documentary portraits.

Here's a link to the rest of the series: